Joseph & Delese Glover

Joseph and Delese Glover are a ministry team who are passionate about worshipping the Lord in the beauty of holiness Ever since they were joined together almost 20 years ago, they have desired to see people whole and thriving in the things of God. This commitment has kept them strong and focused in the work of the Lord.

Joseph has been saved for over 60 years and has a profound relationship with the Lord. He started preaching in New York City at the age of 15 and began traveling across the country as an ordained evangelist at the age of 17. He has seen a countless number of miracles performed during his crusades and prayer services. During his senior years, he continues to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as his love for prayer and praying for the sick has transcended his evangelistic call. He is full of wisdom and gives counsel to a countless number of spiritual sons and daughters who affectionately call him “Papa Joe.”

Delese is an artist, administrator and dedicated minister of the gospel whose hearts’ desire is to edify, heal and encourage people to lead a victorious life in Christ. As an artist, her creative endeavors, which included liturgical dance, mime, theater arts, banners and pageantry, have impacted several church and community ministry teams.  Her current interests focuses on arts and crafts.

Delese is an organizer with a passion for education and training. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership from Geneva College and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater Arts from Allegheny College.

They are the proud parents of four adult children and four beautiful grandchildren.