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Retraining the Enemy


We are the salt of the earth. Salt is used as a restraint in the spoiling of sinful man. When the cup of iniquity is full, God’s judgement will come.

Unity in the Spirit Part 3


We are not perfect. You are born again by the spirit of the living God. We are unified by the blood line from the cross of Calvary. You are commanded to love and others to love you.

Honor Thy Father


It takes Investment, Selflessness and Sacrifice to be a true father. Training up a child sets the principles of the Word of God in their lives. Men need to set a model for their house, Discussion of the Word should be a daily occurrence. What kind of hedge are we building around our families.

Galations Part 1


The Gospel I (Paul) preached is not of Human origin. God’s Grace saved me. We are Justified!!! Our Debt is paid in full. God’s love is perfect. You cant even conceive it!!!

Fearlessly Forward Part 2


In Jesus Christ I am the righteousness of God. When God says go…..Go!!!! Walk in the fullness of His purpose for you. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.