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Feasts of the Lord The Passover Part one


Without the shedding of blood there is no redemption of sin. We must continually preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord’s feasts are celebrated on the exact same days according to the lunar calendar. It is time to step up and step out for the gospel. If you remove the blood from the Book there is no redemption or healing.

Seeking the Lost


Do the work of an evangelist. Commit to the act or proclamation with the spreading of the message of Jesus Christ! Preach outside of the church walls. Preach the truth! Everyone should be preaching the word!

Life in the Presence of God


The soul of man is looking for a dwelling place. Your prayer will become your presence. When your intent is that the presence is your destination, you will affect every place you go.

Unity in the Spirit Part 3


We are not perfect. You are born again by the spirit of the living God. We are unified by the blood line from the cross of Calvary. You are commanded to love and others to love you.