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How Far Have We Fallen

There is censorship in voices today in the political realm. There is great deception and great delusion coming at you 24/7. The goal is to have society completely devoid of God! If the world is loving on you, you had better check your Christianity.

The Best of Where Are We 2021


There are three irrefutable signs that His return is near. Beware of False Prophets. The “last days” actually began more than two thousand years ago. The only way to avoid believing the lie is to love the truth of the word of God. What better judge of the prophetic words is there than time?

The Best of – The Unity Series


Things are not falling apart. They are falling into place. If the devil can keep us divided the love of God for the world is not displayed. There is a line being drawn between true Christianity and everybody else.

2021 Where Are We?


Study the Word so Jesus will not be hidden from you eyes. Knowing the written prophetic word helps us discern false prophets and false doctrine today. You choose to or not to glorify the Lord.

Kingdom Philosophy


We need to do some digging and searching foe knowledge order to get the truth. If we don’t know the word, we are in danger of falling for the deception.