Sermons from October 2020

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Let Us Celebrate


When you have people with you, you are able to accomplish more in the ministry. Pray for a profit to come and bless your house. Be determined to stand by your leaders. Always depend on the Holy Spirit.

Mis-Understood Love


Faith and trust in God is more important than faith and trust we put in human beings. All we want is to be beloved. So we have an issue with relationships and the ability to be understood.

A New Time and Place


Do we step out on faith ? Or allow fear to take over? This journey is a struggle. Women of God need to make a commitment to the Lord and we will never leave Him.

Back to the Garden


No amount of failure can cause a person to be void of the capacity to hear God’s voice. The power of the voice of God is a voice that reaches places no other voice can go. When God speaks, thing happen.