Judah Ministries began organizing and conducting “Unity Services” in December 1997.

This reconciliation ministry was born out of a vision that the Lord Jesus Christ had given founder/director Rev. Michael V. Yuricha in 1995 of a “church service” to be conducted in Reeves Stadium on the Geneva College Campus in Beaver Falls, PA.

Although originally from the Beaver County area in PA, Michael was residing in Rochester, NY at the time and thought that there was no possible way for that event to come to pass. However through a series of ordained events, Michael found himself residing in Beaver County once again in the fall of 1996.

The Lord continued to connect key people with Judah Ministries with the same burden of racial and denominational reconciliation. After several smaller “Unity Services” throughout the Beaver County area in local churches, the vision was fulfilled on Sunday August 2, 1998 and the climactic service was held at Reeves Stadium on the Geneva College Campus in Beaver Falls, PA.

The service featured a sixty-voice community choir, a twenty plus member praise and worship team consisting of a vocal ensemble, brass section, complete rhythm section and dance team. The service was attended by approximately fifty-churches of various denominations.

Judah Ministries continues to organize and conduct “Unity Services” by bringing congregations together through Praise, Worship and the Preached Word of God.

The purpose of a Unity Service is two-fold:

1. Worship. To praise God in such a manner as with one voice so that we would continually experience an outpouring of God's Holy Spirit as described in II Chronicles 5:11-14.

2. Evangelism. Jesus prayed in John Chapter 17 “that we’d be one even as He and the Father are one so the world may know that He was sent to the world”. It’s our prayer that as we unite as the Body of Christ, the world will see Jesus through us.

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