Client(s) are billed from the booked start time [even if client(s) arrive late], unless the session starts late due to a delay caused by Judah Ministries.

Client(s) are billed for the entire length of the session. Client(s) will not be taken off the clock for breaks (i.e. phone calls, lunch, band meetings, etc. . . .) unless a delay is caused by Judah Ministries.

Master tapes/CDs will not be released until full payment is received.

Check or Money Orders should be made payable to "Judah Ministries".

Client(s) who cancel session with at least seven (7) days notice will not be charged a penalty.

Client(s) who cancel session within four (4) to six (6) days notice will forfeit 50% of their deposit.

Client(s) who cancel session with three (3) or less days will forfeit their entire deposit.


In this new age of digital recording, audio file and session file storage has become a major issue for studios and clients. Due to this, Judah Ministries, Inc. will not guarantee the safe storage of these files.

It is necessary for every client to provide for digital audio file storage. There are a couple of ways to do this:

1. Bring in your own external hard drive or purchase a hard drive from Judah Ministries, Inc. and request that we transfer your audio and session files to your new drive.
2. Purchase blank compact discs or DVDs from Judah Minitries, Inc. and request such files be transferred to them.

We advise you to then take your hard drives or compact discs/DVDs with you upon departure from the studio. You may leave the above items at Judah Minitries, Inc. at your own risk and peril if you choose to do so. Judah Minitries, Inc. assumes no responsibility and makes no representations either expressed or implied regarding safety and replacement of any hard drives, master or other audio files, or any type of recordings.

Audio and session file transfer time is billable at normal studio rates.



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