Q. How do I know if and when I should record an album?

A. First of all, you need to be lead by the Holy Spirit and make sure that God is directing you in this ministry. Also, whenever people ask you at your engagements if you have a CD or cassette available, that’s usually a great indicator that people like what you’re doing and are willing to purchase your product and help subsidize your ministry.

Q. How much does it normally cost produce an album from start to finish?

A. Record production can vary greatly in cost from project to project depending on the amount of studio time needed, studio musicians/vocalist, producer fees, graphic design, the quantity of product that’s being manufactured etc... etc... etc.... In our experience, we have completed records including manufacturing costs from anywhere between $1,000.00 to over $7,000.00.

Q. I’m not completely financially prepared. Do I need all of the money up front?

A. No. We can customize an easy payment schedule to fit your budget.

Q. Am I able to cover someone else’s song on my record?

A. Yes. If you’re using someone else’s copyrighted composition (s), you need to get a mechanical license in writing. That license can’t be denied.. The easiest way to receive a mechanical license is through the Harry Fox Agency (212-370-5030 or nmpa.org). The statutory rate is currently 8 cents per song per copy. (i.e. 1 song on 1000 CDs and/or cassettes would cost $80.00)

Q. I’ve written my own songs. How can I protect them?

A. Copyrighting songs is fairly simple. You need to get the forms from the Library Of Congress (202-707-9100 lcweb.loc.gov) You’ll have to send the forms,(either form SR or PA) a recorded copy and/or a lead sheet with lyrics along with a $30.00 fee. In a few weeks, you will receive a clearance form that confirms your material has been copyrighted.

Q. Do I need a barcode?

A. You don’t necessarily need a barcode but it is a must for retail sales. (i.e. bookstores, record shops etc...) This is how they track their inventory. Some stores won’t even accept your product if it doesn’t have one. A unique barcode costs $350.00 through the Uniform Code Council but we are able to offer FREE barcodes through our manufacturing plants.

Q. Why does my record need mastered after the final mix?

A. Post Production Mastering is the "polish" that goes on the record after all the tracks have been recorded and mixed.. During the mastering process, it gives the engineer the advantage of listening to the project as a whole rather than individual tracks and songs and fine tune the album through compression, limiting, equalization, de-essing and normalizing as needed from that vantage point.


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